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�The Best News�

Pros: great news coverage, detailed stories
Cons: no cons!!!

�USA for Today's Traveler�

Pros: Quick Read, Timely and interesting articles, article synopsis in each section, usa today is colorful
Cons: Too much sports information

�USA Delivers Today�

Pros: Excellent readings, excellent covering of all the subjects each day, usa today subscription is great
Cons: Not at all the news stands, hence the subscription 

�But I'll Fail Grad School If I Admit Liking It�

Pros: makes elitists foam at the mouth, provides a lot of information quickly especially usa today sports
Cons: state-by-state roundup could be stronger


�It is what it is�

Pros: A fast and easy update, coverage of all sports teams
Cons: no local coverage or comics

 �I like the USA Today- basic but true� 

Pros: Nice visuals, good sports section, usa today is great
Cons: no weekend editions, but I have usa today subscription 

�A not so defensive insider� 

Pros: fairly comprehensive, lively writing on usa today news
Cons: most usa today articles are too short


�Informative and quick..�

Pros: Informative, interesting, quick to read..
Cons: Could have more depth at times.

�Hey, what's not to like?� 

Pros: Quality composition, easy to read, entertaining, informative
Cons: No in-depth, Headline News of Newspapers



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