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It is quite obvious that there are certain advantages in the purchase of a magazine subscription online, compared to the old-day �fill-in the card� magazine registration.

The process cycle from buying the subscription until the first issue arriving to your doorstep is greatly accelerated: waiting time is reduced by a couple of weeks, so when buying a subscription online at the beginning of the month, depending on the subscription site you choose, you will at best receive your first issue by the end of the same month.

The subscription fees are reduced; for my annual subscription in USA Today, I use and pay 35% less than the newsstand price, and they pay the tax for me, no matter which state I live in.

There is no nuisance from the usual gang of sales people who get your personal information and try to get through your door with leaflets, phone calls etc. When you buy the subscription online, the information stays in the database as private information, unless you choose a bad subscription site.

The danger of credit card details being stolen has been practically eliminated through the use of encryption algorithms that cipher your information. Again, this is subject to the site you register to. Moreover, there is no third person reading your personal credit information, whereas in offline payment there is.

The subscription cancellation process is easier and more prompt; the old 0800 number that is busy is less of a problem. Depending on the subscription Web site that you choose, the process can get from really easy at best, to a small nightmare.


Customer care is better and more prompt for either subscription cancellation or other issue; for the good subscription Web sites the provision of Customer care service via E-mail is imperative. Offline registration will mostly give you a number that works certain hours of the day, and will mostly be busy.

Refunds are easier to obtain, if you are not satisfied with your subscription, but there is a time period where you can get a refund (except where you can get a refund on your subscription anytime during the subscription period)

Security is also increase as far as the delivery of the magazine subscription; offline subscriptions still contain a danger of loss of subscription details. In online subscriptions, the danger of being charged for something that you do not receive, is practically down to zero.




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