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3 out of 5: USA Today Is The Nation�s Newspaper

by keithpruitt, Dec 31 '04

When usa today started a few years back, I was one of those doubters who thought it would fold quickly. The very thought of having a paper printed locally in various locations, delivered nationally, and covering a wide range of topics from A-Z just seemed the impossible dream. But through the years, the paper has quickly become an institution that is greeted with a smile. With its tremendous writing and news coverage that seems in-depth but capsulated at the same time, its use of colorful photography and graphics, the paper has provided an invaluable resource especially for business types who are quickly on the move from town to town. The consistency of the paper never varies; it can be relied upon for up-to-press coverage of the important news stories, sports and financial news. I keep my usa today subscription for two years now

4 out of 5: Mr. Neuharth's lasting legacy

by Carrathon, Dec 12 '04

usa today doesn't cater to the elite, the pseudo-intellectuals, or those who wouldn't be caught dead reading a "common person's" paper. Yet, the usa newspaper doesn't talk down to readers. Among the regular features are items of interest to everyone �health, finances, careers, sports. usa today is very partial to colors. There are four sections, each one color-coded for quick recognition: News (blue); Money (green); Sports (red) and Life (purple). The photographs on the front page of every section are in color, as are many of the charts and graphs. This looks a little juvenile, but that's not a major criticism. The full page weather chart of the United States, on the back page of the Life section, makes determining the forecast for a region easy. A quick glance at today's paper might show me that Pennsylvania is light purple �indicating snow showers. A little simplistic, but fine for those of us who aren't meteorologists. My usa today subscription continues.


4 out of 5: USA TODAY Covers the USA Not Just NYC or L.A.

by neomartin Aug 03 '04

usa today covers the Unites States in as few words as possible each and every issue. While newspapers such as the New York Times or Washington Post have nationwide distribution, they are still provincial newspapers which have extensive resources dedicated to whatever articles those newspapers want to publish. USA Today is the Unites States first truly national newspaper. Given the size and population of the United States (seven or eight time zones from Hawaii to Maine, over 250 million people), usa today wisely decided to employ the summary format. Given the amount of time people barely have to themselves in their busy lives, they just want a quick run-down of the nation's events. "Just the facts, ma'am" is the approach taken by usa today-- it has just enough to keep people updated on national news, and it is amazing how the economy of language is managed to be information-rich. There is something for everyone in usa today.


4 out of 5: Great for skimming

by calmo28, Jan 07 '05

Who really has the time to read a paper that takes over an hour to read? Who really wants to spend that much time reading a paper anyway? We all have busy lives, we need news and information in sound bites. I often read USA Today when I am traveling on planes. It covers news all over, so you can keep up with news in Virginia or wherever you are from and also see what is going on in the state that you are visiting. USA Today also does a very good job covering sports and giving you betting lines and scheduled starters. The analysis of games is good. I also like the Life section. It is gossip in its best form, and the color pictures do add to the experience. Overall, a paper worth using to get news quickly.

4 out of 5: A good entertaining read

by 12judge, Jan 02 '05

I am on the road a lot, so I do not subscribe to a local newspaper. As I travel from place to place, it is nice to have some good reading to pass the time in the airports and on the planes. USA Today is a good general purpose paper. If you are looking for some good light reading - some entertainment, brush up on current events, sports scores, etc. This is a good paper for you. My usa today subscription has just been renewed.


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