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3 out of 5: My Lunch Break Treat

by b lawhorn, Jul 23 '05 

I have to agree with the masses in saying that USA Today skims the surface on news worthy articles. Happily for me, that is exactly the reason why I buy it every day on my lunch break. Whether I am packing my lunch from home or picking up take-out from one of the many local fast food restaurants, I always make certain to add USA Today to my menu. I like the fact that I can get the news in a summarized and succinct form. I don't have time to read lengthy articles that begin on page one and continue to page two and three... I need the news presented to me quickly.

3 out of 5: Anyone Got Time For a Quickie?

by mattjoe, Jun 14 '05 

USA Today is a quick read. Articles are never very long or in depth. One could possibly read USA Today while driving to work. If you live in a city, you would likely be able to read it while sitting in traffic. My favorite thing about USA Today is, many of the articles are not continued 15 pages later. My local paper does this all the time, so do many of the other big papers. I HATE THIS. I hate nothing more than having to turn 10 or 15 pages into the newspaper to find an article so I may continue reading it. It is inefficient. Then you have to turn BACK to the front, read another article and go find where that is continued.


4 out of 5: McPaper offers a low calorie read

by johnmeeks1974, Jun 13 '05 

Slick packaging and digestible news is nothing new. It just happens that USA Today has managed to perfect it and market it to the nation. In an age of MTV (and other things that are blamed for killing our attention span), USA Today is a valiant attempt to make people want to read a newspaper again. Sure, television brings us the news faster and more currently. Sure the obituary is constantly being written for printed news. So why is USA Today circulation so big even when the major dailies seem to be treading water? The answer is simple. Americans want slick packaging and digestible news!


5 out of 5: USA Today: New Look and a new customer!

by Banlish, May 21 '05 

I first started reading the Usa today regularly at the end of 99 in mid December. I always liked the format of the paper and even though the paper doesn't go into Extreme depth on most of it's issues it gives me the basics of what's going on in the world and I really do enjoy the small stories on the left hand side of the paper that tell you some of the events that have happened that relate to the section your reading. I must admit I picked up the USA Today because it doesn't cover anything in too much detail. And when I'm on the run I don't really want to get engrossed with a paper for more then half an hour. Unlike the New York Times which I can read for a good 3 hours since the sheer depth of their coverage on their stories is astounding.

5 out of 5: USA Today is the best newspaper!

by jmelgren, Mar 25 '05 

I think USA Today is the best newspaper for sports. It also provides us with up to date news that effects our world today. It is especially great if you read the sports section sometimes it will have an extra sports page for a big sporting event. The bad thing about this paper is that it doesn't come out on the weekend. This means it can get behind on news and, if you like sports like me, all the scores that occur from Friday to Saturday. Another con is there are no comics which can be at times the best part of the whole paper. Overall however, this is the best non-Sunday newspaper.


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