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by lzeitlin, Mar 17 '05 

USA TODAY, is like the "quicker picker upper." When I don't have a lot of time, or I'm traveling and I want a quick fix of the day's news, I like what USA TODAY has to offer. I'm interested in a lot of different things, and I think USA TODAY offers that. I think it has a good business section and if you like sports; other than baseball or football, such as ice skating competitions, etc. it's there, too. And I like the reviews on Fridays in the entertainment section about the latest movies.

3 out of 5: You Want Fries with That?

by dbirchall, Mar 15 '05 

USA Today has the dubious distinction of being the paper you can buy at McDonald's. It's somewhat fitting, though - the two are similarly pervasive, ubiquitous, and unremarkable. If you want the best food, or the best journalism, you'll surely look elsewhere. It's not to say that USA Today is worthless, or not worth the paper it's printed on. It's still full of news and information. But to sell well across the nation, the paper has to keep its coverage of news shallow, and avoid editorials about issues on which local papers would typically take sides.


3 out of 5: Very basic news

by mattyork28, Mar 07 '05 

USA Today is one of the most popular national newspapers available. It is just as available as NY Times or the Washington Post. Most major cities have newspaper racks with USA Today in them and most convenience stores and supermarkets carry USA Today on a daily basis´┐Żbut lets face it, you don't read or buy a newspaper to look at graphics and colors. You buy a newspaper for its content. This is where USA Today lacks a bit compared to its competitors. The stories usually give a very brief description of the facts that occurred. There are never any real details and the stories are usually short in length. Each news article is usually filled with a lot of statistics which can make the reading rather annoying. Overall USA Today is not a bad paper; just don't expect any depth to the articles.


5 out of 5: USA Delivers Today

by tj696, Feb 28 '05 

Up to date world, economics, airline and sports news....last minute news from your favorite sport no matter how minor your sport is.....coverage that you will quite possibly not find in your hometown paper, for the same price as your hometown paper......a travel section everyday of the week....what more could you ask for? The USA Today is a great newspaper with a business like view written in a young and upbeat manner that even teenagers can read. It goes out of it's way to inform us and entertain us at the same time, something you can't find on every newspaper out there.

4 out of 5: Read It Everyday

by andixiemom, Feb 17 '05 

In our house USA Today is our main source of world news. Though we also read our state newspaper each day, USA gives us more coverage of world news and usually a day earlier than the other papers. I personally like the way it is laid out. It is easy to find what I have the greatest interest in reading first. I especially like the letters and opinions of other readers. I check the weather page each morning. The entertainment section is informative, as far as TV listings and late night programs also.


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