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3 out of 5: A journalist's opinion

by omegareport, Feb 03 '04

I read it every day and get upset if I don't get it - but I also read voraciously the news from many other sources (try to get a taste of what USA Today won't touch!). British press does a better job of printing the explosive US stories than USA Today (or other US papers do). There's an axiom in journalism - if you want to really know what goes on in your own country, read the foreign press. This applies to just about all countries' news media.

5 out of 5: USA Today: Simply Perfect

by Blinks55, Jan 26 '04

USA Today has been one of the highlights of my life. It is where I get the majority of my knowledge about what is going on in the world around me. The paper is split up into 4 sections: News, Sports, Money, and Life. News is just the generic headliners, what is going on in the world. They get all the major events, and even delve into stately matters (when needed). The pictures on the front page (and throughout the paper) are simply fantastic. The news is top notch.


3 out of 5: Very basic news

by mattyork28, Mar 07 '05 

USA Today is one of the most popular national newspapers available. It is just as available as NY Times or the Washington Post. Most major cities have newspaper racks with USA Today in them and most convenience stores and supermarkets carry USA Today on a daily basis´┐Żbut lets face it, you don't read or buy a newspaper to look at graphics and colors. You buy a newspaper for its content. This is where USA Today lacks a bit compared to its competitors. The stories usually give a very brief description of the facts that occurred. There are never any real details and the stories are usually short in length. Each news article is usually filled with a lot of statistics which can make the reading rather annoying. Overall USA Today is not a bad paper; just don't expect any depth to the articles.


3 out of 5: I Read USA Today Only During My Sieste

by charles, Jan 18 '04

Due to the lack of a better local newspaper, I resort to reading USA Today for my light reading time during sieste. This is the time I allow myself to just go with the flow and not bother thinking hard. I have nothing against some of its writers and editors. I think the overall quality of the paper suffers. Those in charge could do a much better job.

4 out of 5: A National Newspaper for Smaller Communities

by frazzlespice, Jan 09 '04 

I like the color pictures, and I like the ads. USA Today has lots of airline ads, telecommunications ads, and investment ads. For some reason, I always find out about Southwest Airline's $69 specials in "USA Today" first. Their ads have introduced me to products and services which have saved me money. Finally, they have some pretty good website and computer coverage, once again very consumer-oriented. I think that "USA Today" is a great paper for those readers who aren't served by a "major" local newspaper. Its features are interesting; its "Life" section is comprehensive; and its "Money" section is very practical and consumer-oriented.


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