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4 out of 5: Hey, what's not to like?

by jlhensell, Jan 09 '05 

The USA Today offers a quick sketch of the variety of the news today...from entertainment, finance, sports and headlines. The paper has an appealing format and the color and graphics can't be beat. So what's not to like? Take it for what it is meant to be, some new trend in a part of the newspaper business.

4 out of 5: Who doesn't love USA Today???

by kramerarch, Jan 08 '00

Ever since the introduction of USA Today in the 80's, the entire international newspaper market has completely changed. USA Today provides an easy to read, understand, and comprehend format that is also very visually appealing. Through its colorful pictures, mastheads, graphics, and short, concise stories, USA Today gets you the information you want fast. While some readers appreciate the literary genius that goes into the writing of some papers, including the Washington Post and New York Times, readers of USA Today can receive the same information when they don't have the time. For the traveling person or just someone always on the go, pick up a copy of USA Today and your view of the news will be changed forever too.


3 out of 5: Worth an occasional look

by Daryl, Jan 06 '05 

The paper has a few assets you won't find elsewhere, such as the state-by-state news roundup. This is especially handy if you're traveling. The one-paragraph stories won't tell you much, but they may give you more information about what's happening at home than what you'll find in the other national papers. I still don't consider myself a fan of USA Today. I pick up it on occasion, though, and --on occasion-- I'm pleasantly surprised.


3 out of 5: Good if you just want to hit the surface

by pear, Jan 06 '05 

USA Today is the Reader's Digest condensed version of the major newspapers across the country...It gives us pretty much all we would ever need to know about current events and weather for the entire country and enough international news that really is of any concern to the average US citizen...Odds are, if you need more info on any of the subjects covered in the USA Today, that you also are already reading the Wall Street Journal for your business news, Time or Newsweek for political and world events and for entertainment and sports you read ESPN the Magazine, Sports Illustrated or People Magazine...You probably are also reading a large city daily paper as well.. If you are like most of us, the condensed version IS ALL WE NEED OR WANT! The crosswords are mostly always at least challenging...Give it a try and the price is right...

4 out of 5: Great for Travelers

by dbhoux, Dec 24 '04 

Amongst other things, I find the coverage of national news above average. Often, when I start my day, the USA Today brings me the news from the day before and into the night. Usually it is not until later in the day that I get a chance to seek the up to the minute news by tuning in to CNN. Because the USA Today provides good coverage of the news, I do not feel like I am missing anything important by not seeing CNN in the morning.


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