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3 out of 5: Good to read when out of town

by Jack, Dec 18 '04

I must say that I don't travel much. I usually travel about 2-3 times a year. However, when I travel and happen to be in a part of the country in which I could careless about what happens locally, I will read a USA Today. Sure, the writing is very simplistic and not exactly mind boggling, but I must say that this paper states primarily the facts and only the facts to the point.

3 out of 5: It is what it is

by celti, Dec 13 '04

When reading USA Today you have to know what you are looking for. If you want in depth analysis and news about your local area, you are out of luck. If you want to catch up on the news of the day and what the rest of America is thinking about, you are in the right place. This paper is one of my favorite parts of traveling or vacation. No matter where I go in the US, or even the world, I can find a copy of USAT waiting for me.


4 out of 5: Lunch Time Paper

by gormly, Dec 08 '04

The USA Today for me, is a lunch time newspaper. I have 30 minutes to digest the days news. I don't want in depth coverage, I just want to know ABOUT the things happening in the USA.. Normally I would go home and just watch the world news, but with my new son Eyan, I have no time to spend watching the toob. So, The USA takes over for my lack of information. Sure, it's all surface stuff written at the fourth grade level, but when I am woofing down my lunch, about the only thing I want to digest is the mystery meat in the bun....


3 out of 5: Take it for what its worth

by mrosenbe, Dec 08 '04

Let�s face it - the USA today never was, and probably never will be, meant to be hard-hitting in depth journalism. Granted, most articles are not very in-depth nor investigative, but they are not meant to be. Yet if we take the USA Today for what it was meant to be, it is a good paper.

4 out of 5: USA! USA!

by justin, Dec 08 '04

I don�t subscribe to USA Today, and lately I haven�t even picked up a copy except for a special Preview issue. Don�t get me wrong, USA Today isn�t a good reading for the enjoyment type of paper. This isn't an in depth, high-quality writing publishing such as the New York Times, but instead it gives you the news quickly and effectively. Most of the articles are blurbs that give you the facts and the details as best as they can. Honestly, I scan the News and Money sections in about 5 minutes and spend the rest of my time skimming the Life section before Sports. And here is USA Today's best quality - the sports section. Unlike other papers, this Sports section isn�t specific to any region - it covers the nation. So it provides all the scores and summaries as well as highlighting the nation's best stories. I can barely read the Washington Post's Sports as it is unbearably loyal to the pitiful sports teams of this region. So USA Today comes as a nice change - keeping me up on current events and supplying me with a quality overview of American Sports.


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