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4 out of 5: USA Today - America's quick read news

by skyrydr, Dec 28 '04

usa today is touted by many as the quick read of America's news. Actually, it is dropped outside of 90% of the hotel rooms I have stayed in during my travels for the last 15 years on the road and certainly, it is in every plane on every flight in most travelers� hands. This is a newspaper that works for all of us. There is some of all of our news in it. The summary of all the states and a little news from each was a brilliant idea. The Op/Ed page is better than most little town papers I have seen. And, the business section is head and shoulders above 80% of America's papers. This paper is not about depth, it is about keeping up without losing touch. However, they were the first newspaper in America to use color on their front page, which was quickly picked up by many other papers. I use a usa today subscription for many years and I am very satisfied.

4 out of 5: Clearly for the Masses

by thegrammarguru, Dec 15 '04

usa today has a place in this world. The place is diners, subway cars, briefcases. It's a newspaper for busy people who want a quick glance at the news, presented in an attractive, eye-catching format and summarized without any particular art or angle. For hard news, there's the New York Times; for hard news with a global perspective and a strong political slant, there's The Washington Post. For your everyday, catch up on the headlines enough to chat with your next customer, there's USA Today. As a journalist, I can analyze its strengths and weaknesses. As a marketing guru, I can only praise it for filling a niche and doing so quite effectively. I do not have a usa today subscription anymore.


2 out of 5: No Depth Articles, but it looks pretty in the birdcage!

by naphtalia, Dec 11 '04

I remember in the movie "The Big Chill" one of the men worked for "People" magazine. He said that one of the requirements was that an article had to be short enough to read while taking care of things in the bathroom. That idea fits with USA Today, too. You can read one article while brushing your teeth (assuming you do a fairly decent job of it.) You can read another article while waiting for and riding down in an elevator. Depending on how early you get to a bus stop, you can read two or three more articles there. I sometimes shredded USA today and put it in the bottom of my guinea pigs' cage, but I found that my white guinea pig got a blue belly. Sheets of USA Today worked well in the bottom of a bird-cage though.


5 out of 5: The Best News

by odiedude, Nov 30 '04

If you want to be updated on what's going around in the USA, you MUST pick up a copy of USA Today. This newspaper has been in existence for several decades and is JAM-PACKED with great information, news, photos, and much much more!! If you are just getting the headlines with your local paper, cancel it now!! If you want to know what's going on in our world today, you have to read the USA Today. I have a usa today subscription.

3 out of 5: Not my only paper, but a good one

by Rico B, Sep 14 '04

This paper is frequently criticized for its brevity and its emphasis on colors and graphics. Well, for better or for worse, many major papers have adopted aspects of that style. I will admit that USA Today will not give you the same depth as The New York Times or Washington Post, but that�s not what I expect. I buy the paper because of its sports and entertainment coverage.


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