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There is a lot of dust hovering out there in terms of where to subscribe online. Experience of other people has shown that mostly the following 3 web sites will give you the seamless online magazine subscription process you are looking for:  




However, there are little differences between them; these discrepancies make all the difference as regards to quality of service provided. I have prepared a comparison table, based on the following key-performance indicators (KPIs). This should give you a good lead and assist you in determining where to go in order to subscribe online. The KPIs identified are as follows:

  • Time to receive first issue
  • Pricing
  • Security
  • Ease in subscribing online
  • Customer care
  • Refunds process
  • Overall Hassle rate
  • Additional bonuses provided
Measurement is 1 out of 5 with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. I briefly explain every Key Performance Indicator in turn: 

Time to receive first issue (1=delays; 5=very quick)

How soon the first subscription issue arrives at your door  

Pricing (1=expensive; 5=cheapest)

How low the final subscription price is  

Security (1=feeling insecure; 5=feeling secure)

Meaning the payment process and the danger of having your subscription details being lost  

Ease in subscribing online (1=complicated; 5=easy)

How easy it is to subscribe online, from subscription selection, to paying and leaving the site  

Customer care (1=still waiting; 5=helpful)

The quality of service provided by customer care, and how easy it is to reach them and get a response to your query  

Refunds process (1=complicated; 5=very easy)

How easy it is to get a refund  

Overall Hassle rate (1=too much hassle; 5=seamless subscription). In overall, how easy it is to subscribe online through this site 

Additional bonuses provided (1=none so far; 5=great bundle)

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